Roger Sessions to present to Canberra ACS Strategy and Architecture Group on 9th October

I am very excited to announce that the group that I convene with Peter Outteridge for the ACS has secured a presentation from a truly world-class expert and thought-leader on enterprise architecture.

Roger Sessions has written seven books, dozens of influential articles, and given lectures at conferences throughout the world. He has been a guest lecturer at the Universidad de los Andes and a keynote speaker at the highly prestigious Gartner Research Board. His ground breaking work in Enterprise Architecture and IT has earned him recognition as a Fellow of the International Association of Software Architects.

Sessions believes it is time for a Radical Transformation of IT. He believes IT projects can be smaller, cheaper, and better aligned with the needs of the business. He believes simplicity should be a key design feature of every IT project. He believes projects should be delivered in months, not years. He believes that it is not IT’s responsibility to tell the business what it can do, it is the business’s responsibility to tell IT what it must do. And he believes that Enterprise Architecture must be revamped so that its purpose is no longer delivering useless paperwork, but facilitating high value IT projects.

Join us for what is likely to be an interesting and stimulating presentation.

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