Enterprise design

Einstein said "make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler". This principle is important when dealing with the inevitable complexity of enterprise design. Simple strategies based on clearly defined benefits and outcomes, are easier for diverse stakeholders to understand and support.

The connection between strategy and resulting benefits must be transparent. MXA Consulting develops strategies and designs solutions that are driven by the perspectives of the people involved. A clear line of sight from human perspectives to strategy, results in pragmatic strategies that work and withstand the test of time.

The right strategy is essential to your success. We work with our clients to develop robust strategies and solutions. We help communicate these clearly, providing a basis for successful execution.


People, benefits and rapid evolution

Large-scale business and digital transformation is complex and difficult. Governments must transform so they can deliver services in ways that make more sense for the people who use them.


Your customers and partners must be at the centre of any effective digital transformation initiative. Understanding the perspectives, priorities and expectations of people is therefore essential to good digital strategy and business transformation planning.


Benefits must be understood from the perspective of the people and organisations that will receive the benefits. Benefits must be clearly and realistically connected to the strategies and plans that will deliver them. Measuring benefits must be as simple and transparent as possible, so that everyone involved in transformation initiatives can clearly see the underlying intent.

Rapid evolution

Successful digital transformation initiatives test people's perspectives and the connection to benefits at every stage of strategy design, planning and delivery. This test and evolve approach ensures that the right things are being done in the right way. The best-laid plans can be improved through feedback and refinement. Concepts from agile and lean methods can help, but must be appropriately applied to large complex initiatives.

How are you applying these ideas to your transformation initiatives?


Empowerment and accountability

Creating a clear link between people’s perspectives, intended benefits and digital strategies results in transformation plans that empower people to deliver the right solutions, rather than just delivering agreed scope against a deadline. This approach also makes people accountable for achieving outcomes, rather than just delivering outputs. Clear communication is key to ensuring that everyone involved in a change initiative understands the link between people’s perspectives, benefits and intent on one hand, and products, services and solutions on the other hand. The result is an empowered and accountable workforce.

A simple transparent strategy is the cornerstone for achieving empowerment and accountability. Simple, transparent strategies are also easier to communicate; and because everyone can understand them, they are more likely to receive appropriate critique and are more likely to be realistic and achievable.